WordPress Not Just For Blogging

Better late than never, right? Way back in 2004 I wrote an article called, “Blogs as a Disruptive Technology” for the ABA’s Law Practice magazine. A key thesis was:

What makes this even more interesting is that sophisticated blog software such as Movable Type [since supplanted as market leader WordPress] is flexible enough to be used to achieve any desired design effect. The site can look like a blog, or it can look like a conventional Web site–a very high-quality one.

A recent Kevin O’Keefe post gives me the impression that the educational community is belatedly coming to realize the truth of my assessment:

Rather than look at WordPress as solely a blog platform, Burt says educators ought to leverage WordPress to meet all sorts of web and technology needs.

Burt demonstrates the the range of WordPress with 29 current university and higher education sites, including the below.

    • University website
    • Marketing site
    • Professor blogs
    • Research findings
    • Online courses
    • Alumni magazines
    • Library blogs
    • Admissions sites
    • Student portfolios
    • Faculty bios
    • Course blogs
    • Summer program
    • Student organizations

WordPress is perfect for law schools. Law schools have limited technology budgets and technology personnel. Law schools are also lagging in there use of innovative publishing and social media solutions.

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