Technoethics or Same Old Ethics in Different Garb?

The Lawyerist article Astroturfing to Technethics, the New Vocabulary of Ethics explains several phrases gaining prominence as lawyers increasingly use technology. For example, “astroturfing” refers to phony positive user reviews.

In a comment, Carolyn Elefant takes exception to one of the terms, “technethics.” It arguably implies that technology creates a new standard for judging ethics conduct:

 [T]he ethics of social media are no different from ethics in the real world – the same rules apply in the ethics sphere. Once we start creating categories for special use rules, we make it more difficult for lawyers to use their discretion to evaluate the rules and determine how they apply – and instead, will have them wait for the bars to issue guidance, which as I’ve blogged at MyShingle is foolhardy.

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