One App To Rule Them All Doesn’t Work (But Eleven Might)

Interesting article at Quartz by writer who has decided it’s folly to try to get by with only a couple of productivity apps. He gives his top 11 apps and concludes:

I’ve realized that the more I give each app a clear role, and I stick to that role, my work flows stay smooth and unambiguous. With discipline, the sheer number of apps stops becoming a factor. Information appears manageable, and I use my limited mental capacity to tick off tasks one after the other.

Some pointers when choosing apps:

  • Store one thing in one place. Besides backups of course.Multi-platform is nice to have.
  • Apps that remind you of stuff can be more useful than apps that store things nicely.
  • The more frequently you use an app, the lighter, more user-friendly, and clutter-free it should be.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new apps.
  • Apps that can be activated via email are nice.
  • It must be easy to tell apart things with deadlines and things without.
  • What is the most important activity in your work flow? Invest the most in apps that help in that activity.
  • Remember only what you have to. Dump the rest in an app. Of course.

via These 11 apps are the key to productivity – Quartz.

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