Knowledge Management Book Project

I’ve devoted a lot of thought in thought in recent years to what I consider a key contemporary legal technology issue, perhaps the key issue: How to obtaining large practical benefits from better knowledge management, especially the use of intranets.

In my experience truly successful legal intranets are rare. The cause of failure is rarely technical issues, as intranets today are what engineers call a “solved problem.” While some technical solutions are better than others, the basic technology is well understood and readily available from multiple vendors.

What’s far from being solved are the human factors: How to recruit, motivate and organize contributors. This is the biggest challenge.

I’m developing a book with the tentative title “Knowledge Management for Lawyers: Building A Culture of Success. It will be an expansion and upgrade of ideas I developed in articles in professional journals, especially in an article for The Public Manager entitled A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What You Know (reproduced here with the permission of the copyright assignee).

My first articles on the topic appeared in Pass It On, a publication of the American Bar Association’s Government and Public Lawyers Division:

1. Setup & Design and

2. Rollout, Training and Operations

The new knowledge management book’s draft preface is now available.